Where I live Cookshire Quebec in the Eastern townships down near the USA border. The web address now comes here.


George H.W. Bush

220px-George_H._W._Bush_cropCondolences to the Bush family at their second loss this year. I believe the reputation of the forty first President of the United States will only be enhanced with the passage of time. RIP President George Bush Sr 1924 – 2018.

One hundred years ago

poppyAnd so a hundred years ago, at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the war that was to end all wars came to an end. For those of that generation it came to be called the Great War but an even greater more destructive one would come to be in the next generation. World War One would be followed by World War Two and lesser wars would continue to be unto our own times.

We give pause, at this time, and on this day each year

to remember those who served,

those who sacrificed,

and those who paid the final price.

John McCain

mccainFirst posted on the Party website now here. A man I would have really liked to have had the opportunity to meet. A statesman is someone you disagree with and oppose what they are saying but will sit there and listen respectfully while they say it. RIP Senator John McCain 1936 – 2018.