Barbara Bush

Very saddened to hear the passing of this grand lady. Deepest condolences to the Bush family especially to President Bush sr. Former first lady Barbara Bush 1925 – 2018.


Goodbye Hockey Puck

donricklesIt now seems I’m only posting on Deaths.

Just love his performances from the Dean Martin roasts from the 70s. Great comedian, legendary career,  wonderful friend, and loving family man. Rest in peace Mr Warmth, Don Rickles 1926 – 2017.

The last story

promo-vinylcafeSaw him a number of years ago at the Piggery theatre in North Hatley, Quebec. Wonderful show and a delight to see how the show is done in person compared to listening to the Vinyl Café on the radio. RIP Stuart McLean 1948-2017

George Michael

image10Someone my own age going from a heart attack. He’s just 5 months older. Remember Wham very well from back in our youth and his first couple of solo albums. Too young and condolences to his family and friends. RIP George Michael 1963-2016.

Gwen Ifill

images-duckduckgo-comShocked and deeply sadden by her passing. Long time viewer of Washington week and it shall be hard watching this week’s show. She will be deeply missed by many. My deepest condolences to her family, friends, and all her co-workers.

Gwen Ifill 1955 – 2016

The regular episode and the extra both devoted to remembering the life and career of Mrs. Ifill. Obviously hard for the panellists to get through and not easy to watch with clear eyes. Downloaded both video podcasts and burned to DVD. A wonderful lady, a principled journalist, and a presence in the lives of all regular viewers of Washington Week that will be greatly missed. Tuesday November 22.

Morley Safer

morleyThe last of them is gone. I watched 60 minutes regularly for years in the 80s. Have watched it for periods since then and now you can search through what’s available on YouTube. Currently watching a good interview of Morley Safer on Q & A of c-span.

RIP and say hello to the rest of the originals, Morley Safer 1931-2016

Dear diary

prince420” The sun will raise today, there will be a place where children are laughing, the flowers will be in bloom somewhere, but today the world will still be less colourful. For this day, no girl will wear a raspberry beret, no place will see purple rain, and all the doves are crying. ” Still hard to believe he is gone, RIP Prince.