George Michael

image10Someone my own age going from a heart attack. He’s just 5 months older. Remember Wham very well from back in our youth and his first couple of solo albums. Too young and condolences to his family and friends. RIP George Michael 1963-2016.

Gwen Ifill

images-duckduckgo-comShocked and deeply sadden by her passing. Long time viewer of Washington week and it shall be hard watching this week’s show. She will be deeply missed by many. My deepest condolences to her family, friends, and all her co-workers.

Gwen Ifill 1955 – 2016

The regular episode and the extra both devoted to remembering the life and career of Mrs. Ifill. Obviously hard for the panellists to get through and not easy to watch with clear eyes. Downloaded both video podcasts and burned to DVD. A wonderful lady, a principled journalist, and a presence in the lives of all regular viewers of Washington Week that will be greatly missed. Tuesday November 22.

GW Bush / Al Gore

bushgoreAn interesting question is do the Democrats have a built-in advantage in the electoral college? I came up with the idea to recalculate the last presidential elections so that the Republican and Democratic candidates got the same vote, an exact 50/50 popular vote split. So here’s the result for 2000. I calculated to the nearest thousand votes and to 4 decimal places.

GW Bush 50,456,000 votes / Gore 51,000,000 votes / Equal votes for each 50,728,000

Multiple Bush’s  vote by 1.0054 / Multiple Gore’s vote by 0.9947 / Do this for their vote in each state and the District of Columbia. What happens?

The electoral votes of the states of Wisconsin (11) and New Mexico (5) go from Al Gore to GW Bush. The change in electoral votes for the candidates?

GW Bush got 271 electoral votes (50.3%) with a 50/50 popular vote split it’s 287 electoral votes (53%).

Kerry got 267 electoral votes (49.7%) with a 50/50 popular vote split it’s 251 electoral votes (47%).