Another legend

leonardWe lose another great legend and icon. Leonard Cohen 1934-2016


Time to Remember


“On this day we pause to remember,

Those who served,

Those who sacrificed,

And those who paid, the final price.”

Morley Safer

morleyThe last of them is gone. I watched 60 minutes regularly for years in the 80s. Have watched it for periods since then and now you can search through what’s available on YouTube. Currently watching a good interview of Morley Safer on Q & A of c-span.

RIP and say hello to the rest of the originals, Morley Safer 1931-2016

Dear diary

prince420” The sun will raise today, there will be a place where children are laughing, the flowers will be in bloom somewhere, but today the world will still be less colourful. For this day, no girl will wear a raspberry beret, no place will see purple rain, and all the doves are crying. ” Still hard to believe he is gone, RIP Prince.

Doris Roberts

dorisSo many wonderful memories of this great actress with her on 3 TV series that I remember, Angie in the 70s, Remington Steele in the 80s, and the classic Everybody loves Raymond from the 90s. Looking at her biography you are impressed by the length and number of credits both in television and on film. One talented lady who kept busy. Nothing but remarks on what a wonderful person she was by those who knew her and her professionalism by those who worked with her during her long career.

RIP Mrs. Roberts 1925-2016

Jean Lapierre

images-duckduckgo-comI remember meeting this man when he was a Liberal MP in the 1980s. Saw the news post earlier but only just now saw elsewhere that Lapierre was on the plane and died on his way to his father’s funeral. Deepest condolences to the Lapierre family who now have to deal with another loss in this sudden and tragic manner.

Learn this morning the day after it’s not just him but his wife, a sister, and 2 brothers going to that funeral. The tragedy is complete.

“She lost almost all the family … and the husband, in a few days.… It’s horrible, just horrible,” Gilles Duceppe

Rob Ford

robfordWay to young to go and like Rene Angelil leaving behind young children to be raised by a widow. My problem with Mr. Ford is not so much the policies especially his opposition to the way that city government handed out goodies to itself but his becoming mayor. The same is true with Mr. Trump. You can be a character and have the mouth in private enterprise and it’s even admired. You can still be quite the character in the legislature because you’re one among many. But in the leadership position of mayor or more critically that of President of the USA the character ends up interfering with the leadership. When the Leader is a character then that character starts to define the leadership. It may all be entertaining and give the stand-up comedians material by the quote full but it’s no longer about the leadership of the office but the character of the Leader that holds it. RIP Rob Ford 1969-2016

Nancy Reagan

nancyreaganWatched some of the eulogies at her funeral, very nice. President Reagan and her are the first that I remember being in the White House. I really liked Brian Mulroney’s reading of a letter of President Reagan’s to his wife on their first Christmas in the White House. Funeral made me think of the funeral for the President in 2004 which I watched most of and thinking, which is harder, the long goodbye, or the final farewell. Her final farewells have been made and RIP Mrs Reagan, 1921-2016.

Glenn Frey

This is beginning to really suck. Each morning check the news and someone else you’d like to see and hear in concert has passed away. RIP Glenn Frey 1948-2016.Glenn_Frey