John McCain

mccainFirst posted on the Party website now here. A man I would have really liked to have had the opportunity to meet. A statesman is someone you disagree with and oppose what they are saying but will sit there and listen respectfully while they say it. RIP Senator John McCain 1936 – 2018.


The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

Seven more days till the 42nd Federal general election. All citizens should vote and view doing so as an obligation to their fellow citizens. I missed the first federal election I was eligible to vote in and I can’t recall why I didn’t. The same for Quebec but I wasn’t in the province at the time. But I’m 8 for 8 of the last general elections for both the Federal and Quebec. Voted for the first time by advanced poll. It opened up at noon on Friday October 12 and I was down there at 1:30. A line up which I didn’t expect. Maybe around 20-40 people ahead of me. I didn’t get out till 2:30 so an hour to vote. The only difference from regular being required to sign a register. I was surprised to see the Rhino party on the ballot.